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Avoiding the Summer Reading Slump



Summer is right around the corner, literally next month. Can you believe it? Kids will be out of school, summer vacations will be happening, weddings and graduations galore! So how will you stay on track with your summer reading goals when the world is busy carrying on around you? Below is 5 tips on how to maintain the reading momentum and over come the summer reading sludge.


  1. Join a Summer Reading Program! – Have a local library? You can join and keep track of all the reading you’ll be doing this summer. This is great because they tend to offer incentives and prizes for those who track their progress all summer. Some libraries are offering sign ups now!

  2.  Create a Summer Reading List! – I like to put books I want to read in the near future on a list to keep me excited on what I’m about to read. Creating a list give you a good foundation, a plan on what’s going to be happening. This is a simple goal setting practice that will help you keep going all summer long.

  3. Attend Library Book Sales – There’s something about buying a large purchase of books known as a book haul that gets me super excited. All these excellent stories I want to know more about keeps me focused. My local library has a huge annual book sale every year, check to see which events are going on around you and if you’d never experienced a book haul, now’s the time! Plus, library book sales tend to have great deals!

  4. Create a Goodreads account – Goodreads is by far my favorite place to go for book ideas. You can keep track of all the books you want to read, the ones you have read and get book recommendations based off these two things. It’s kind of like a Facebook for book lovers. You can add your friends and check out what they are ready and vice versa plus you can enter giveaways and over all just have a great time!

  5.  Join a Book Club – I have to say this wouldn’t be something I would normally do but I think its a great idea if you love to talk books, socialize and have someone to talk about the future of what you’re reading. Normally when you read a book people around you just don’t understand whats going on in your mind but If you were in a book club imagine how much fun it would be to have someone to talk to about all you’ve just read.

People have different ways of avoiding the dreaded “reading slump” what’s yours? Do you have some magical secret you’d love to share? I’m all ears!



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